Monday, May 4, 2015

My Padlet of GAFE Resources

My Padlet of GAFE Resources

Recently, I decided to combine a sample of my Google Apps for Educators content into Padlet.  Padlet is one of my favorite platforms for displaying content, because it allows me to combine and share a large collection of resources as one embeddable, visually appealing wall.  With that being said, I felt like it might be beneficial to not only share my GAFE resources, but also more information about Padlet.  

Padlet is an amazing platform that enables you to:

  • add images
  • add PDF's or documents
  • add personal videos or links to videos
  • links to websites
  • create customized virtual walls
  • options to sign-up for a free or premium account  
  • drag and drop your content directly onto your wall
  • add tags and information to content
  • collaborate with others
  • embed or share the link your Padlet
  • share your Padlet to social media 
  • create student portfolios
  • display content as a presentation
  To create a Padlet account, click here.

To explore my Google Apps for Educators content, check out my GAFE Padlet below.