Saturday, December 19, 2015

Exploring Edmodo Spotlight

Exploring Edmodo Spotlight

What is Edmodo Spotlight?

For anyone who has not had the opportunity to check out Edmodo Spotlight, I definitely encourage you to do so.  Edmodo Spotlight provides educators with access to an unlimited supply of educational resources that have either been created or recommended by teachers.  To simplify your search time, Spotlight allows you to search for content by subject, grade, resource and price.  For me personally, Spotlight has been my go-to place for accessing resources to meet my specific needs.  Whether I am looking for resources for my 2nd graders, my higher education students or for professional developments, I can always find what I am looking for.  If you are already an Edmodo user, you might also want to consider contributing your own educational content to Spotlight.  This is a great way to not only share your ideas and resources, but it also provides you with opportunities to connect with like-minded educators sharing similar passions.

How do I access Edmodo Spotlight?

To access Edmodo Spotlight, simply click here.  You don't have to be a current Edmodo user to access Spotlight.  However, if you wish to be a contributor you would be required to set-up a free Edmodo teacher account.  On the other hand...if you already have an Edmodo account, you can easily access Spotlight from your homepage once you have logged into your account, by clicking on the spotlight icon (see image below) located in the top-right display banner near your profile picture.

Are there many free resources?

Most definitely! There is a large selection of high-quality, free resources for you to choose from and enjoy without having to break the bank.  Most educators will upload a variety of resources and share them for free.  However, resources that have taken valuable time to create may come with a small price tag and rightfully so... who wouldn't want to earn a little cash for their hard work and effort? 

My favorite free Spotlight resources

Click on the images below to check out my favorite free resources that have been added by educators in Spotlight.

Digital Badges by Wee Teck Toh

Mind Mapping, Flowcharts, Diagrams, Charts & Outlines by Anthony Luscre

Zoo Webcam Symbaloo by Jodie Johnston

Wonderopolis by Brian Lewis

Explore my Edmodo Spotlight Content

To explore my Spotlight content, click on the image below.

Christi Collins' Spotlight