Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Periodic Table of Google Elements-Educator's Edition

 The Periodic Table of Google Elements-Educator's Edition

How Can Educators Use Google?

Google provides educators with so many wonderful resources that it would blow your mind. Honestly, the multitude of resources is so enormous... that I felt a periodic table would be the best way to showcase each of them.  So, with the help of one of my favorite tools, Lucidchart, I found a wonderful periodic table template and began a very time-consuming, yet rewarding creation that you see above.

What Does Google Provide In Addition To The Google Apps For Education Platform?

As you can see, Google provides so much more than what is offered in the Google Apps for Education account.  There are numerous additional platforms that provide students with wonderful learning opportunities that are relevant and meaningful.  For instance, did you know that Google provides their own safety center? The Google Safety Center provides helpful tips, ideas and resources that could be used to teach students about online safety.  

Additionally, you will find resources supporting STEAM and STEM initiatives, cultural activities, cross-curricular activities and more.  For example, let's take a closer look at the additional platforms that can be used to address and support a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) initiative.  

Science- Moon, Maps, Earth, Camel View, Space Craft, Field Trip, Sky Map, Science Fair, Oceans and more

Technology- Story Builder, Research, Screen Capture, Translate, Course Builder, Made With Code and more

Engineering- Build, ECE Plots, Autodesk Force, CAD Models, Labs, Autodesk, Sketch-Up, Learn Pro Engineer and more

Arts- Art Project, Picasa, Google Nik, Cultural Institute, Panoramio and more

Math- Desmos, Daum Equation Editor, Plotly, Fast Fig, Fooplot and more

To explore all of the available platforms and tools Google offers, click on The Periodic Table of Google Elements image above.