Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Key Ingredients To Digital Citizenship

An Interactive Book Exploring Digital Citizenship

As educators, we all have one overall goal for our students... training them to become successful adult learners.  Included in that responsibility, comes a variety of skills and objectives that must be obtained and mastered along the way.  However, as we find ourselves embarking upon a digital era surrounded by technology, it is important that we educate our students on how to become responsible digital citizens.  So, what is digital citizenship anyway?  In a nutshell, digital citizenship is educating our students about how to use technology in a responsible and safe manner.  Why is this important? Because too often, we see adults and children misusing or inappropriately using technology.  One easy way to remedy this problem is by exposing students to the nine key ingredients of digital citizenship.  

The nine key ingredients of digital citizenship include:

1.  Digital Access
2.  Digital Commerce
3.  Digital Communication
4.  Digital Literacy
5.  Digital Etiquette
6.  Digital Law
7.  Digital Rights and Responsibilities
8.  Digital Health and Wellness
9.  Digital Security

To provide a brief overview of digital citizenship along with some helpful resources, I decided to create a digital pop-up book.  Check out my Zooburst pop-up book below to learn more.